Monday, April 5, 2010

Breakfast in the Lowcountry

Read all about it ...


Sandy said...

Hi Laura!
What fantastic articles, I think I got caught up on all of them. And now I am hungry for some grits, biscuits, eggs, fried green tomatoes and they could even throw some hash browns on there too.
Loved the article about you too! What a gorgeous picture of you! You know my Mom was born in Kentucky and raised a (Eastern) Tennessee farm girl, and all of my relatives were from there too. I've probably mentioned this before, but old-heimers does set in, so please forgive me and please have respect for your elders *LoL*
oh, also wanted to let you know that the link below is messed up, the one going to Flos. It still has the link for the picture so it's appears to be missing the < / a > and then < a > added (or something like that and I know you will figure it out so it will lead correctly to the link) ( i had to put the spaces in because it wouldn't post, lol
Hope you have a great week, we were beach bums all week-end and it sure felt good for the weather to finally be warming up again ♥

Laura@SouthernPirates said...

Sandy you are always way too kind!

pinkapplecore said...

I remember eating breakfast at this place near the beach...had a parrot in front that would talk to you. If I ever get back up to Myrtle beach i'll check it out the cafe!


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